The owner of this two-story brick home bought this property with every intention to remodel. She found the inside, especially the kitchen, cramped and outdated, while the overall layout felt constricted. The goal: to open up and modernize the kitchen and establish a better flow to the adjoining rooms.

Photo Credit: Anice Hoachlander

Rowhouse Romance

A dramatic kitchen renovation marries a rowhome’s historical charm with luxurious modern style. Sleek black lacquer cabinetry with illuminated bronze channels and ample storage, integrated appliances, and contrasting surfaces set a contemporary vibe. The spacious prep island takes center stage with its striking black quartz countertop with white veining.

Photo Credit: Anice Hoachlander

Lake Effect

The relocated kitchen in this suburban Virginia home captures a direct site line to the scenic lake beyond. Creating a stairwell addition to the rear of the house also allowed for enlarged family and dining rooms.

Photo Credit: Anice Hoachlander | Studio HDP

Open Minded

Removing the wall to an adjacent family room immediately accomplished the client’s desire for a more open, communal space. The spacious island in textured oak laminate with a slim composite gray counter houses spacious storage cabinets on one side and an induction cooktop with deep drawer bases on the other. A matching demi cabinet floats on the nearby wall to provide extra storage.


Tired of their dated kitchen, the owners of this suburban colonial were eager for a contemporary update with more pantry space, better organization, and performance appliances. Monochromatic cabinetry in matte white lacquer set the sleek new vibe. Not even handles interrupt the flow, as cabinet channels and push-to-open hardware uphold the minimalist look. Soft gray sintered stone (named “Zaha” after architect Zaha Hadid) covers the island’s slim counter and sink wall backsplash.

Photo Credit: Anice Hoachlander

Marble Universe

Looking to set up a pied-à-terre in DC, the owners of this condo were drawn to the city’s most infamous address and its panoramic Potomac River views. But the Florida couple knew the two-bedroom, seventh-floor unit would need an upgrade to restore its original ’70s glamorous appeal.

Kitchen’s Open

The owners of this four-bedroom condo in one of DC’s most famous complexes couldn’t pass on the chance to move up. As current residents—in a smaller unit on a lower floor—the couple had already completed one successful CARNEMARK renovation. So why not repeat the process to capture those coveted fourth-floor views?