Luxury remodeling by Carnemark design + build

“I want a space that is a joy for everyone who uses it—from little kids to their parents and grandparents.” Jonas Carnemark, Owner


How do you define luxury? A kitchen big enough for two cooks. A spa bathroom with steam shower. A custom dog-washing station. Who knows? Your heart may even skip a beat over sustainable insulation. Whether you dream of marble counters, sought-after brands, or heated stone floors, chances are you don’t have the same idea of luxury as your neighbor—or even your significant other.

At CARNEMARK, we work with homeowners to realize their own sense of luxury—with a careful eye toward budget. After all, you can’t assign value to something if you don’t know what it costs. True design + build relies on transparent pricing for everything from building basics to creature comforts. Cost comparison then makes luxury obvious, paving the way to smarter decisions and ultimate satisfaction.

Ask to schedule a complimentary at-home consultation—and start defining your personal sense of luxury today. Explore in person what luxury means to you at an upcoming Remodeling Seminar. 


At CARNEMARK, we design spaces that maximize the comfort and convenience of your home. We call it livability. This core principle drives us to create surroundings that are both practical and pleasing for everyone to use. Careful attention to flow, material selection, lighting, even finishes bring livability within reach of men and women, modern and traditional, tall and short, and young and old. Simply put, we build beautiful spaces you can live in—no matter who you are.

Today, more and more homeowners seek us out as they approach retirement. In years past, they added on as their children grew. Later, they created safer spaces for grandchildren. They may have remodeled to make room for their parents. Now, they find it's time to look within—to focus on how to accommodate their own wishes, wants, and needs.

The CARNEMARK commitment to livability puts us ahead of the curve with these homeowners, a growing number of whom are intent on aging in place. Subtle improvements—from wider doorways to lever handles to flush thresholds—are just a few of the changes that can increase your home's livability factor. Together, we can help you achieve the ideal design: a beautiful home that plans for all of the needs you expect—and even those you don't.

What better way than to achieve livability than to design a house with sustainable features that deliver long-term benefits to you—and the environment?

Safe at Any Age

It’s your home—and it never has to look like a hospital. You can achieve livability at any age and in many conditions, with the right design moves. Gone are the days of awkward entrance ramps and institutional grab bars. Here are a few smart but subtle changes that help plan for your needs today—and beyond, from the expert designers at CARNEMARK.

  • Wide open.

    Larger doorways improve access for wheelchairs and walkers while increasing flow, light, and sight lines.

  • Easy grip.

    Popular lever design allows for easier faucet and door operation. Opt for long bar pulls over knobs on cabinets.

  • New heights.

    Adjusting the height of work surfaces for eating, baking, or putting on makeup ensures comfort and usability. Position appliances to minimize reaching and bending, too. 

  • Easy clean.

    Man-made quartz, ceramic, or porcelain tiles and other low-maintenance counters win over natural stone: No scrubbing or resurfacing required. 

  • Safety plan.

    Reinforce walls now so you can install grab bars later. Or go ahead and install them now—grab bars today look great, in a range of colors and styles that fit in with your design. 

  • Flush thresholds.

    Even-up the floor surfaces between rooms and into showers. Getting rid of bumpy thresholds means less stumbling, easy wheelchair access, and increased visual appeal.

  • Lower storage.

    Under-cabinet convenience puts kitchen and bathroom essentials within reach. Rollout shelves bring them even closer.

  • Bright light.

    Create a plan that blends overall and task lighting to keep everything within sight—even as eyes change.