I want a space that is a joy for everyone who uses it-from little kids to their parents and grandparents. The sense of an artistic home grows out of that notion of place and personality.

—Jonas Carnemark, owner

Our Process

start + finish

At CARNEMARK, we're completely engaged with your project from start to finish. We are in touch with you at every stage of the design + build process. When design and build processes are aligned, time and work efficiencies are naturally built into the project. Whether it's our office manager, a project craftsman, or a faux-finish subcontractor, everyone on your project will be working toward the same goal: creating a comfortable, functional, and beautiful home.

And we'll always ask lots of questionsand listen to your answers. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Discovering the fit.
What are your goals, your location, your time frame, your general budget? Asking these kinds of questions helps determine whether we're right for you. And you'll have a chance at this stage to ask us lots of questions, too.

Step 2: Creating the design agreement.
This step is outlined in the design agreement. We break the process into several stages, to make it easier and to determine exactly what you want. To get there, of course, we ask questions:

  • What shape do you want it to be? This question gets at the essence of the inspiration for your new space. As we meet in your home or in our office, you can share your wish list, ideas, and priorities. We'll be asking questions to determine purpose, size, and scope. We'll do measuring and site analysis as we create a schematic design-a guide to how the project will take shape.
  • What are you going to fill it with? You'll be asked many questions during this intensive phase. As we develop your final schematic into a full design plan, we'll also size up the budget. We take time to carefully review costs so you understandwithout reservationthe investment you're making in your home. Most often, this first number will changebut it's important to help us figure out your priorities. One method to getting a design you'll be happy with: Put your money where the smiles are. Invest in the details and features that make you happy. We also value-engineer whenever possible, in order to fully realize your wish list. We'll tap you for several meetings during this phase to make sure every adjustment meets your approval.
  • When can we get to work? Next, CARNEMARK will gear up for construction. In this phase, we make detailed engineering and structural drawings, including the electrical and plumbing, so we can avoid redoing drawings and get to the true cost of the project as early as possible. We also take care of permitting and all required reviews-from community reviews to simple building permits.

Step 3: Watch, look, and live.
In this step, we shift to coverage by the construction agreement. As you watch the project take shape, you'll likely experience a whole range of emotionsfrom anticipation to excitement and, yes, even frustration. A remodel isn't without the occasional hiccup. The weather can take an unseasonable turn, special orders can be delayed, and design adjustments can become necessary during construction. If so, rest assured we'll look for ways to accelerate the process, but never at the risk of compromising quality. With our design + build approach, you'll know an accountable point person familiar with your project will always be available to ease your mind. Your final task? Enjoy.