Steeling Home

Eco-friendly Addition, Steel Exterior

It didn’t take long for the owners of this suburban Cape Cod to want more space. The couple envisioned a cost-efficient addition with more character than luxury. This rear addition nearly doubled the square footage while making a striking statement. An unusual choice for exterior cladding—standing seam roof material used here as siding—appealed to the clients’ modern sensibilities. The steel’s blue jewel tone and vertical orientation contrast against the pop-out’s gray lap siding, a nod to the home’s traditional façade.

Eco-friendly steel siding

The steel siding boosts energy efficiency, contains a minimum of 30 percent recycled material, and is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its long life cycle. Formaldehyde-free plywood, innovative exterior coated sheathing, and low-VOC paints also helped reduce the addition’s carbon footprint.

A bright yellow door reflects the homeowners’ love of color,

A bright yellow door reflects the homeowners’ love of color, while shudders painted deep blue give a nod to the rear addition. From the street, passersby can catch a glimpse of the addition, which is slightly offset from the more traditional existing structure.

Minimalist matte white SieMatic cabinetry

Recessed LEDs, directional track heads, and a bright red–orange glass pendant above the dining table combine to provide ample general, task, and accent lighting.

Minimalist matte white SieMatic cabinetry

Minimalist matte white cabinetry establishes the kitchen’s classic yet contemporary aesthetic. Slab-front wall cabinets recede against their white backdrop, while streamlined base cabs with gray channels eliminate the need for traditional handles. Pale gray counters and stainless details round out the clean palette.

Natural light floods the remodeled kitchen from two oversized windows

Natural light floods the space from two oversized windows and the sliding door to the back yard. A wall punch into the adjacent living room lets in even more and reinforces the open design.

The bedroom addition

The second-story master suite adds much-needed square footage and privacy. The bedroom’s skylight and twin windows let in plenty of natural light while showcasing the home’s lush surroundings.

Staircase punch

A staircase punch adds visual interest and provides a sneak peek into the master suite. The addition of a central skylight transforms the once-dreary stairway into a welcome bright spot.

Bathroom addition includes a raw sink vanity transformed from an IKEA kitchen island

White fixtures, trim, and playful lighting pop against the master bath’s saffron yellow walls. The recessed cabinet creates tall, open storage, while a clerestory window lets the outside in from above. A frameless mirror over the raw sink vanity (transformed from an IKEA kitchen island) complete the brilliant bathroom

Steeling Home