See the Light

A spacious, serene master bath and expansive closet take the place of a dated, cramped space that, worst of all, had a tub but no shower. Now, the bath is fully outfitted with a luxury shower and vanities. A marriage of beiges in natural stone creates a color scheme that’s perfectly balanced between light and dark.

A wake-up call comes in the form of a new shower, with three modes: wall-mount, rain shower, and hand shower. A subtle gradation and smart showerhead placement ensure the toweling area doesn’t get wet.

The dividing wall by the vanity features a striking stone-and-tile arrangement that helps the design hit the sweet spot between blah and busy. The chiseled stone edge is sandwiched between tile layers of lagos azul, a high-quality limestone prized for its ability to harmonize with many types of natural stone.

Redesign with an open plan gave these homeowners organized storage they had not before enjoyed—and dressing space bathed in natural light.

Switch on the light, run the water, no problem—smart design ensures using the master bath won’t disturb anyone in the master bedroom or even in the open-plan closet.

A vertical tile layout and solid wenge wood vanity—as thick as butcher block and treated with natural oils to make it water-resistant—lend contemporary spirit to the powder room. The sink’s refreshing jolt of green glass enlivens the scene.

For the bath used mostly by youngsters and guests, the homeowners wanted a feeling of fun and lightness that retained some sophistication. The solution? A tile color with plenty of pop, warm maple cabinetry, the creative twist of a big trapezoidal mirror, and overall clean design.

See the Light