Master Marvel

This couple wished for a modern master suite with a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, where they could co-exist in comfort. Their existing bath felt too small, and the bedroom felt too large, so a reconfiguration to maximize usable space was in order. Adding a front sitting room to the bedroom affords the couple a serene place to read and relax, while making the space more inviting.

Exposed beams add beauty and architectural interest to the space, while strategic display lighting highlights one of the couple’s cherished pieces of art.

A new wall-mounted biofuel fireplace transforms the bedroom wall into a decorative niche.

The television hangs above the modern fireplace for easy viewing from the bed.

On the couple’s wish list were a larger shower and a spa bathtub large enough for two. They wanted more usable surface area, which we delivered in luxurious quartz countertops and a large tub surround. Furthermore, the challenge of furring out the bath and shower walls to provide an insulated place for plumbing afforded us sculpted walls elsewhere in the space.

Large lift-up Robern medicine cabinets provide a unique storage option with integrated interior lighting, electrical outlets, and cable management. Special bath features include heated porcelain tile flooring with a contemporary wood charm, as well as a heated towel rack to keep cozy and warm during the winter months.

We transformed the dual master closets into a large, single closet to expand the size of the bath.

The enlarged, reconfigured space makes for better flow and function.

Master Marvel

Awarded the 2016 Professional Remodeler Design Award: Gold Award for Bath Remodel in the $60,000+ category.

Photography by Anice Hoachlander